Mano Infoways will answer some of your FAQ's

How often Mano Infoways send new billing information?

Mano Infoways will send new information on daily basis

What information Mano Infoways is needed to generate a claim?

Patient information form, a copy of the patient's insurance card or WC ID card, the patient's written prescription (if applicable), and the patient's treatment form(Superbill).

Do Mano Infoways report patient payments?

Yes, we do. We will send the information and generate patient statements for accounts that still have a due balance.

What happens if Mano Infoways did not have required information?

Mano Infoways is a proactive company, we ask for the information which is lacking with an indication of the missing fields.

How often will patients be billed?

Patients are usually billed on a weekly basis. Patients will receive a bill for their portion of the balance once payment has been received by the insurance company

How are non-payments by the patients handled?

Mano Infoways will call the patients in addition to sending paper statements to maximize the collections.

Do Mano Infoways will collect co-payments?

Yes, we do.

How quickly can Mano Infoways establish process?

It will depend on the size of the practice and the logistics of the patients. Becoming fully operational could take one week max.


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