Book appointments per physician schedule, resources, and/or location. Scheduling for physical resources and procedures increases productivity.

Schedule Appointments with Single or Multiple Resources. (e.g. exam rooms, X-Ray machine, etc.)

Book Group Appointments.

Block Times for Non-patient Activities.(i.e. lunch, Meetings, etc.)

Manage Authorized Visits.

Cut and Paste Appointments.

Mark Appointments as Cancelled or No-Show.

Hold Time Slots for Specific Appointment Types or Procedures.

Manage Resource Schedules (i.e. Nurses, rooms, equipment).

Assign Time Required for each Procedure/Appointment.

Search for Clients Using Multiple Demographic Types.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Views.

Appointment history shows every patient appointment and its status.

Audit Trail for each Appointment.

View and Arrange Multiple Resources on the Screen.

User Defined Colors for Coding Appointments.

Set Unique Time Slot Lengths for Each Resource.

Supports Individual User Logins with varying Access Rights.

Wait List.

Print Appointment Lists.

Print Cancellation Summary.

Print No-Show Summary.

Print Practice Totals.

Print Resource Summary


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