Shows all the previous labs, prescriptions with previous history.

Decision Making Assistance, and Drug Interaction Warnings during documentation.

Provides the ability to electronically document patient encounters. The application enables users to document a patient's visit, automating the tasks associated with charting patient exams and assessments, resulting in a secure electronic medical record.

Document your encounters faster with customizable templates and forms that adapt to your preferences, specialty, and unique work flows.

Eliminate paper by consolidating consult letters, patient files, Insurance IDs, consent forms etc. with built-in imaging functionality.

Template-driven documentation;


Patient Demographics

Problems and Complaints

Family History

Social History

Past Medical History

Surgical History

Vital Signs

Chronic Conditions


HPI (History of Present Illness)

Review of Systems

Physical Examination

Final Diagnosis

Phone Encounters


Current medications

Assessment and Plans


Growth Charts, BMI Charts etc.

Progress Notes.

Medication / Prescription Module.

EM Coder

Customizable Medical Office Forms.

Customizable Patient Educational Materials

HL7 Interface

Integrated Billing Module


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