Welcome to Mano Infoways

Mano Infoways is an IT based Medical Service provider with state of the art cutting edge technical facilities.  Mano Infoways helps hospitals and larger physician groups in providing high end back office services, including Medical Transcription,Billing and Coding .

Every great piece of music starts with a single note that preludes a simple melody. However, it takes a great orchestration to turn a melody into a hit. Once a hit, people find themselves irresistibly humming the melody.

A service has a lot in common with a melody. Mano Infoways has orchestrated some of the most successful programs in their history. The professionals at Mano Infoways never miss a beat.Years of experience has taught them the intricacies of balancing each aspect of their life cycle. When response builds to a crescendo, the Mano Infoways service section steps in with all the impact of a bold brass section.

Year after year… hit after hit, Mano Infoways satisfies the demand, can guarantee that customers will be humming the tune


We develop, enhance, integrate, and deliver software solutions to fit your exact business requirements, and accomplish this through effective interaction between applications,and data.